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OFSC Responsible Riding Actions

  • Stay on OFSC prescribed Trails
  • Close gates where applicable
  • Report property damage of any kind. Call 705 887-1288
  • Avoid riding late at night
  • Leave tracks not trash
  • Help preserve small shrubs and saplings
  • Avoid disturbing domestic animals or wildlife
  • Be polite and respectful of landowners and their families
  • Leave private property when asked to do so
  • Use the OFSC prescribed Trails only for snowmobiling in the winter
  • Stay off the OFSC prescribed Trails during all other seasons
  • No camping, fires or having cookout along the OFSC prescribed Trails without permission
  • Use toilet facilities provided by clubs or at local pit stops
  • Do not contribute to noise pollution by altering stock exhaust pipes
  • Obey the speed limit
  • Refrain from obnoxious or boisterous behaviour
  • Do not drink and ride.

Accidents Give All Snowmobilers a Bad Name

Most snowmobiling accidents result from operator error, overconfidence or inexperience. Males aged 15 to 34 are the highest risk group. The main contributing are:
  • Alcohol
  • Speed
  • Darkness
  • Unfamiliar terrain or ice, and
  • Off-trail riding on roads or lakes

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