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Staying Alive and Healthy

Night Riding:

  • Nine out of ten fatalities occur after dark
  • Visibility is reduced
  • Overdriving headlights means you cannot miss hazards
  • Becoming disoriented and lost is easy to do
  • Never ride alone
  • Wear reflective outer clothing
  • Always wear full gear even if going “next door”
  • Often includes alcohol consumption and excessive speed
  • Carry a small FLASHLIGHT!

Ice & Sleds

  • Drowning is one of the leading causes of snowmobile fatalities
  • Ice is never a safe bet
  • Conditions can change in several hours
  • If you must cross – “ Know before you go “
  • Stay on a marked trail
  • If you hit slush, power your way through
  • Consider a buoyant snowmobile suit
  • Carry ice picks (on your body) and a rescue throw rope
  • If you are fortunate enough to get out, stay flat and roll to stronger ice
  • You must find or create shelter fast.

Drink & Operate a Snowmobile

  • Alcohol is involved in over 70% of snowmobile fatalities
  • Small amounts of alcohol impair perception, reaction time and ability to control your sled
  • Alcohol increases susceptibility to hypothermia, decreasing your chance of survival
  • Operating your sled while impaired is a Criminal act and will result in suspension of all driving privileges
  • Police forces and STOP officers are on snowmobile patrol to enforce The Motorized Snow Vehicles Act

Drive Defensively

  • Be extra alert for danger
  • Never assume what another operator will do

    Watch For:

    • Obstacles hidden by snow
    • Trees and branches on OFSC prescribed Trail
    • Slow grooming equipment
    • Oncoming sleds
    • Other OFSC prescribed Trail users. (Some OFSC prescribed Trails are multi use)
    • Wildlife
    • OFSC prescribed Trail washouts, flooding and boils
    • Snow banks and moguls
    • Road and railway crossings
    • Unexpected corners, intersections and stops
    • Bridges, open water, unsafe ice and logging operations

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