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Proper Clothing

  • Start with thermal under layers that release moisture and retain heat
  • Add extra heat retentive layers depending on temperature
  • Outer layers to resist moisture and wind
  • Avoid cottons and sweat shirts, they hold moisture
  • Consider a buoyant snowmobile suit
  • Snowmobile suits & helmets should have reflective material for night riding
  • Insulated boots rated to necessary temperature
  • Proper mitts for warmth and wind protection
  • Extra socks, clothing, boot liners, and mitts for layering
  • An approved helmet and face shield

Survival Kits

You can easily snowmobile beyond immediate help, so basic repair and survival kits, expandable for longer tours are essential.

The Repair Kit should contain: An Emergency Kit should contain:
Spare belt First aid kit
Spare spark plugs Sun block
Manufacturer's tool kit Sharp knife / Saw / Axe
Extra wrenches Map
Nuts & bolts sized for your sled Compass
Tow rope Mirror
Pry bar Waterproof matches or lighter
Duct tape Flashlight
Wire Whistle
Extra ignition key Aluminized blanket
Work gloves High energy snacks
  Extra clothing/socks/mitts

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