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Ontario Snowmobiling Facts

  1. On a snowmobile, the same rules of the road and penalties apply as for driving a car, including possible fines, loss of driver's license, criminal record, and/or imprisonment.

  2. You are required to carry your driver's license, snowmobile registration, and proof of insurance at all times.

  3. To drive a snowmobile legally, a valid driver's license or a snowmobile operator's Ontario Snowmobile Trail Permit is mandatory.

  4. You and your passengers must wear a helmet while riding a snowmobile.

  5. In order to ride OFSC snowmobile trails, a valid trail use Ontario Snowmobile Trail Permit must appear on the windshield of your sled. Ontario Snowmobile Trail Permits can be purchased from your local snowmobile club.

OFSC Stop Program

OFSC Stop Program. In this trend-setting program, OFSC volunteers are trained by partnering police services, and sworn in as Special Constables and Provincial KLSC Offenses Officers. They then become members of the Snowmobile Trail Officers Patrol (S.T.O.P.), empowered to enforce provisions of the Motorized Snow Vehicle Act by issuing tickets or making arrests. They also assist police in sobriety enforcement. For MSVA enforcement purposes, S.T.O.P. Officers have the same authority as police officers. Visit their website at www.stopofficer.com

OFSC prescribed Trail Patrol

The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) Snowmobile Trail Patrol Program commenced in 1983 at the time when snowmobile OFSC prescribed Trails were being managed under a user – pay system. Trail Patrol Officers are dedicated Snowmobile Club Volunteers who regularly patrol Ontario’s snowmobile OFSC prescribed Trails, provide valuable trailside information to snowmobilers and promote the provincial user pay system.

KLSC Unique opportunities exist by joining the Trail Patrol Program. It demands an adventurous spirit and a high degree of personal integrity. You will often deal in unstructured situations that will test your resourcefulness. For more information about volunteering contact us at 705 887-1288.

Landowner Program

KLSC The existence and usage of snowmobile OFSC prescribed Trails is a privilege, not a right. OFSC snowmobile OFSC prescribed Trails depend on land use permission from both private and public land owners. To assist clubs with land securement and retention, the OFSC provides clubs with standardization land use permission forms, liability insurance and the Warden Program. Every OFSC member has a responsibility to help keep OFSC prescribed Trails open by staying on the OFSC prescribed Trail at all times and respecting private property.

Insurance Programs

KLSC The OFSC maintains General Liability Insurance to protect itself, member clubs and landowners on claims arising from OFSC prescribed Trails-related operations and incidents. Directors and Officers Liability Insurance offers protection for executives and boards of the OFSC and member clubs on claims arising from actions and decisions made on behalf of the organization. Environment Liability Insurance protects clubs on claims arising from environmental incidents, while a Special Event General Liability Insurance Policy covers clubs for "racing type" activities such as radar runs and grass drags. Volunteer Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance protects registered volunteers while engaging in club sanctioned activities. Finally, Trail Smart offers affordable snowmobile insurance exclusively to OFSC Trail Permit Members.

Environment Program

Funded since 1993 from a dedicated levy of $1 from every Trail Permit sold, the OFSC's 'Conserving Ontario's Last Frontier' Environment campaign supports a broad range of initiatives from Deer Feeding (with Ministry of Natural Resources and Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters) and Tree Planting Projects to research, college bursaries, and OFSC prescribed Trail signs with key messages such as "Leave Tracks Not Trash" and "Protect Our Environment - Stay on Trail". The Environment Fund also sustains grants for club environmental projects. Each January is designated as OFSC Environment Month to promote responsible riding.

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