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P.O. Box 611
Fenelon Falls, Ontario
K0M 1N0

Phone: (705) 887-1288
Fax: (705) 887-2199
Email: klsc@sympatico.ca

President Wayne Harpell
Vice President & Treasurer Liz Phillips
Secretary Murray Moore
Past President Kevin Kerrivan
Trails and Equipment Co-ordinator Gerry Rintoul
Permit Co-ordinator Dave Famme
District & Club Sign Co-ordinator Kevin Kerrivan
District 8 Operations Co-ordinator Gerry Rintoul
Volunteer Chair Liz Phillips
Chief Trail Patrol Instructor & Driver Training Co-Ordinator Greg Snider
Grooming Co-ordinator Operators Dave Koch, Gerry Rintoul, Murray Moore
Fun Run & Newsletter Liz Phillips
Stop Officer Co-ordinator Wayne Harpell
If you see or know of an incident on our trails please call the club immediately!
KL Snowmobile Club